The original author of Trademinator Trading Bot. Luis has coding knowledge, management studies and he is totally convinced that cryptocurrencies trading is the future.
A volunteer is a person who has not submitted code into the Trademinator source but instead, it has helped with wisdom or sponsorship.


Andrés has contributed with his knowledge about finances and business strategy. He has also sponsored the server where the Trademinator Server has been developed.

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Years of Experience
Trademinator is a dynamic project that commits with its users.

Trademinator is a creative project

We love what we do and you will love it too, that's a promise.


Trademinator will show you simple and elegant trading decisions. You will not believe what your eyes see!


While being agnostic of your hardware, Trademinator will use all the available power to make the most of it


Trademinator will prefer stop trading before trading a loose.


Trademinator will publish any news in its social networks. Please subscribe to them.


Trademinator is an opensource trading bot that works in a SaaS scheme.

Trademinator is powered by Linux, PHP, Memcached, YAML