Trademinator is a cryptocurrency bot powered by Artificial Intelligence with a Client / Server architecture that aims to make money while keeping the trading simple.


Generate wellness through cryptocurrency trading.


Be the number 1 trading bot without needing deep knowledge of cryptocurrency.

Trademinator keeps it simple. You don't need to configure one hundred parameters; just answer a few questions when installing. If you want to tune it up, you can edit the configuration file later.

Trademinator has two working modes: Trademinator (native) and Octobot.

  • Trademinator (native) mode lets Trademinator client interact directly with your selected Exchange.
  • Octobot mode works as a signaling engine to Octobot. Trademinator will signal Octobot when to trade, Octobot will do the trading.

Octobot is written in PHP and powered by CCXT and Rubix-ML. Developed and tested under PHP 7.4 and 8.1.