Trademinator has been developed using a private SVN server. We are fully aware of Github and we are planning to publish it there. However, we haven't solved some bidirectional synchronization issues with SVN and Github. We are working on it.

Some head ups for developers:

  • Trademinator is written in PHP. It has been tested using PHP 7.4 and superior. We recommend PHP 8.1 as it has faster execution.
  • Trademinator uses CCXT library, if your chosen exchange has fetch_ohlcv() support, it is very likely it will work. Trademinator has been tested with, Bitso and NDAX.
  • Trademinator configuration file and communication with the Trademinator Server is done via JSON.
  • Trademinator has been developed on Linux, however, it will run on Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS as it doesn't use any additional third-party extension.

For now, you can access the source code by following these steps:

Download the PHAR File

Get it from Google Drive at

You will download a PHAR file.

Unpack the PHAR

Create a directory (folder) and within that directory, type the following:

option 1: 

phar extract -f trademinator-client.phar

option 2:

php -r '$phar = new Phar("trademinator-client.phar"); $phar->extractTo(".");'

Change the name of the file to the exact name and route of the PHAR file you have downloaded. You will have Trademinator Client source code in the actual directory.