Why is Trademinator different than other trading bots?

Trademinator differs on mostly other bots because of the following:

  • it works with a client-server architecture. The server end is used to do computing of public information (symbol pricing, technical analysis, artificial intelligence, etc.) with the side benefit of freeing your local computer from all those calculations; the client end manages your private information (wallet, balances, trading). If you want to read more about how Trademinator's architecture works, please read the "How does it work?" article.
  • it is built with artificial intelligence. Trademinator server end doesn't identify the trading opportunities by doing a hard-rule technical analysis.
  • it is an accountability system: Trademinator client keeps track of your trades. It will only trade when there is a profit. Its accountability system allows it to not run out of cash, remember past trades (even manual trades done by you) and recover from bad human trading decisions (with time).

Is Trademinator free?

Yes and no. Trademinator offers free and paid plans. You are free to use the free plans as long as they exist.

What is the pricing scheme of Trademinator?

Trademinator's pricing scheme is based on a symbol (a.k.a. trading pair). You must hold a subscription on a specific symbol for a specific exchange to be able to trade on it.

Why there are some free subscription plans and others paid?

Trademinator's team believes that the best way to gain your trust is by allowing you to have an unlimited free taste of what this amazing cryptocurrency trading bot is capable of doing for you.

Why Trademinator bills?

As it has been stated before, Trademinator is powered by artificial intelligence. If you are not familiar with how AI works, you must know that it has to be trained.

Trademinator training is done by humans and it is updated on monthly basis.

Also, there are no less than 1000 human hours spent on this development, it is fair to pay a share for making money.

How can I support Trademinator without paying for a subscription?

Easy, you can use one of our referral codes on the following Exchanges: