We are very proud to announce that Trademinator Client 0.9.1. Release 0.9.1 is one step closer to Trademinator Client 1.0 (our first stable).

Among the outstanding changes:

  • Memory algorithm, which helps Trademinator not to run out of cash and keep trading. When the price rises, the old average algorithm won't trigger a sell until the price is greater than the average buying price and the minimum configured profit. If for a reason you have a high average buying price, it will take some time to trigger a selling signal. The new memory algorithm keeps track of every buy independently, therefore it will sell fast and it will remember expensive purchases when the time comes.
  • Local caching to minimize API calls to exchange as much as possible. This doesn't happen always, as Trademinator needs to have fresh information.

A more detailed Changelog is available as well.

We are looking for volunteers who may want to audit the code.

The best is yet to come.