Investopedia defines passive income as the one where the beneficiary is not directly involved. A good example of this is landlords, another excellent example is trading. Passive income is also referred to that income where effort is very little.

The Hen of Golden Eggs

Trading is not the hen of golden eggs. Although the passive income definition fits perfectly with trading activities, you will still need to study and learn about trading if you want to get serious about this. Trademinator, is just a tool with a proven algorithm that will help but it will not solve 100% of possible scenarios. Indeed, no trading bot can guarantee that.

Be Ready

If you are new to trading. You can start following these steps:

  1. Go to InvestopediaInvestopedia and have a quick reading about the following concepts:
    1. Bollinger Bands
    2. Exponential Moving Average
    3. Moving Average Convergence Divergence
    4. Relative Strength Index
    5. Simple Moving Average
    6. Smoothed Moving Average
  2. Sign up for an account at PoloniexPoloniex. Poloniex has different verification levels, it is recommended you get to the second level at least.
  3. Top up your Poloniex account. Depending on where you are, you might need to contact a local cryptocurrency seller to get some balance.
  4. Download and install Trademinator
  5. Get a Trademinator License
  6. Execute Trademinator and learn what it does

If you are new to this, there is a golden rule you must remember;

Never invest money you cannot afford to lose

Once you get familiar with Trademinator, you can tune some few parameters to make it more aggressive. By default, Trademinator's configuration is set for safe trading. Which it not always get the best tradings, but it will protect you from any loose as well.


Trademinator is an opensource trading bot that works in a SaaS scheme.

Trademinator is powered by Linux, PHP, Memcached, YAML