Trademinator is not just another trading bot. It aims to be the trading bot.

Trademinator philosophy is easy, no bot should be that difficult to configure. All bots aim the same: make a profit and the only way it is possible is by buying cheap, and selling not that cheap.

Thanks to the not very common client-server scheme on this kind of software, Trademinator can give you the following advantages:

  • Client hardware does not have to be a high-end computer to execute Trademinator open source client. Indeed, Trademinator client part was developed using a small 2010 Model Laptop with a 32-Bit x86 CPU and 2 GB of RAM. Heavy computing calculations are done on the server end, don't worry, it only uses public information and some data client sends.
  • Openness, because its open source client, you can audit at any time the information that is shared with Trademinator and what is sent or not to your exchange account. Trademinator servers will never get your private key, which it is a must if you want to do any kind of trading action.


Trademinator is an opensource trading bot that works in a SaaS scheme.

Trademinator is powered by Linux, PHP, Memcached, YAML