So, if you are wondering what are we cooking for the next Trademinator release (potentially 0.0.3). These are some thoughts:

  • Improved trading pair selection algorithm: The director will ask the Trademinator server a list of pairs in prioritized order. That given list will be processed locally and it will be classified in three: Full tradable pairs, debagging pair and dedusting pairs. Full tradable pairs are those will be normally processed. The debagged pair is the one that will not obey Trademinator rules and it is focussed to bake a profit out of it while trying to make a zero balance. The dedusting pairs are those that will have only selling pairs without making a loss, no bigger efforts will be done. This will also avoid or at least reduce the dusting problem if you tried to trade with many pairs.
  • Better orders managing: Trademinator will evaluate remaining opened orders to see if it is a good idea to leave them open, reopen them with a better selling or buying price or just close them.
  • More metrics: The framework provides now new metrics related to the spread on each trading pair.


Your better trading days are coming


Trademinator is an opensource trading bot that works in a SaaS scheme.

Trademinator is powered by Linux, PHP, Memcached, YAML