Merry Christmas to everybody! As a gift, here it is Trademinator 0.2.0 Xmas edition. There it is a list of the outstanding changes:

  • Better detection of Inflexion points
  • PHP logic
  • Better pair selection
  • New Trending detection
  • Speedups tunings
  • Implements TRP-2
  • Implements TRP-3

Trademinator is a safe-bet trading bot. It will do it's best to make a trade minimizing your capital risk.

Trademinator 0.2.0 can be downloaded in the download area.

The better trading days are coming.

One of the objectives that Trademinator has is to be smart enough to understand when all markets are raising or collapsing at the same time. When markets have a sudden change, usually trading bots do not make a difference and they continue their algorithm in the correct way but making some losses.

Trademinator controls the number of consecutive same operations thanks to the EXCHANGE_MAX_SELLING_OPERATIONS and EXCHANGE_MAX_BUYING_OPERATIONS parameters. However, when Trademinator sends a buying or a selling order, it does not review if the operation can be fulfilled completely. If it does not, the exchange creates an order that waits to be taken by other traders.

The problem with this approach is that the waiting order is not always fulfilled in one spot. Depending on the actions of others traders, it could be done in one order or in other orders. The complementary orders are count and they affect the algorithm action.


It is no lie that the cryptocurrency adoption has arrived to stay. If it happens you have some cryptocurrency because of a side job you did or as a gift, your next question is how to cash them out. Although cryptocurrency supposes to be digital cash, you cannot go to Walmart and buy a box of milk. There is more than one path of action to make the most of your cryptocurrency before cashing it out.

Holding the Cryptocurrency

The simplest and easiest way is holding them for a while. If you have Bitcoins (most probable) or Ethereum the good news is holding them mid or long term will always do a profit (almost everytime). After a while, you could find a broker and cash them out for your local currency.

You actually don't need to do anything. Just keep somewhere safe your private key.

Trademinator selling and buying algorithm will not sell 100% of your balance in the first spot. Because you do not know what will happen in the future, the algorithm plays safe and it sells in a proportion of n / (n + 1) with a correction factor. Although this could be very good and profitable if the price is not bearing, when it is, it could harm as you are carrying a balance with a greater buying rate than the current one. This document proposes a double average as a solution.

The double average means using the last 4 periods of orders (2 sells, 2 buys). The following formula shows the way to calculate the balanced buying average between two periods B1 and B2.

B = ((VS1 - VB1) * B1 + VB2 * B2) / (VS1 - VB1 + VB2)


  • B is the balanced buying average
  • V means the volume of YYY units
  • S means a selling rate of XXX/YYY
  • B means a buying rate of XXX/YYY
  • 1 or 2 are the periods behind

The following cases explain more carefully.


Trademinator is an opensource trading bot that works in a SaaS scheme.

Trademinator is powered by Linux, PHP, Memcached, YAML