It is no lie that the cryptocurrency adoption has arrived to stay. If it happens you have some cryptocurrency because of a side job you did or as a gift, your next question is how to cash them out. Although cryptocurrency supposes to be digital cash, you cannot go to Walmart and buy a box of milk. There is more than one path of action to make the most of your cryptocurrency before cashing it out.

Holding the Cryptocurrency

The simplest and easiest way is holding them for a while. If you have Bitcoins (most probable) or Ethereum the good news is holding them mid or long term will always do a profit (almost everytime). After a while, you could find a broker and cash them out for your local currency.

You actually don't need to do anything. Just keep somewhere safe your private key.

Trade before Cashing out

There is a better option: Trading. Trading is just the fact of buying or selling. Bitcoin and Ethereum are just two cryptocurrencies out of many. For example, Poloniex has about 80 types of cryptocurrency you can trade with.

By playing well your cards, you can do trading and in the mid-term, having more Bitcoin or Ethereum. Trademinator can help you increase your cryptocurrency balance before you take the call of caching it out. You may wonder, how big could be my profit? When should I stop trading? Answers are merely personals and depend on you.

Trademinator is an intelligent trading bot that will help you to increase your cryptocurrency. However, the speed of your increase depends on market conditions. You must understand that the price of a cryptocurrency may vary depending on demand and external events. A good example of an external event is a fork; Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG) are two cases. While the fork dates come closer, the trend of ups and downs was forwarding north. If you were using Traademinator, you could take advantage of this situation and increase somewhat your original balance.

If you decide to go for trading, you must know that it is not a shortcut. There are good and bad days. Trademinattor will help you. Let Trademinator do what it does best for some weeks.

After a while, when you decide, you can cash out.


Trademinator is an opensource trading bot that works in a SaaS scheme.

Trademinator is powered by Linux, PHP, Memcached, YAML